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EFT has got to be one of the easiest, most effective ways to release stress, limiting beliefs, and unwanted emotions. I use it on myself, and with my clients.

I am constantly amazed at EFT’s power!

In quick nutshell, here’s how EFT works:

1. According to EFT creator Gary Craig,  “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” When we clear the energy disruption, we clear the negative emotions.

2.  EFT works by tapping on specific meridian endpoints to release and clear energy. There is an easy-to-learn ‘basic recipe.’

3.  Our bodies remember our experiences. Painful experiences, which are not properly cleared, form blocks in our energy system. This creates a disruption to our natural energy flow.

4.  Painful memories (energy disruptions) are triggered by events and people which seem similar to the original event. By clearing the energy disruption, the memory is deactivated, losing its trigger-ability.

5.   Neural pathways are strengthened and ‘thickened’ by consistently believing and thinking the same thoughts.  And vice versa. The stronger a neural pathway, the stronger the belief. These thick neural pathways are what ‘keep’ us in all sorts of limiting belief, thought, and behavior patterns.

6.  EFT helps disassemble old neural pathways, clearing energy disruptions, stress, negative emotions, and beliefs. Once a neural pathway is dissembled, it can be reassembled into new positive pathways.

7.  EFT is easy to use. Once you learn it, you will always have it at the tip of your fingers. Working with an EFT practitioner is helpful for working with persistent issues.


 Questions?  Want to know more about how you can use EFT? Leave your comments below.

Contact me to learn how to use The Basic Recipe for EFT.


Be Well,  Marian

Disclaimer:  While EFT has been used by thousands of health professionals and individuals worldwide with minimal negative side effects, this does not mean that you will not experience any side effects. If you use EFT  on yourself or others, please take full responsibility for yourself and the treatment.  Always consult with a medical professional for medical concerns.




  1. says

    Marian… I am so impressed by what you have written here. I think I may have experienced similar forms of work and possibly even EFT from different practitioners. I am impressed to read that it has the power to deactivate memory. I wonder how often one has to do this to actually deactivate deeper childhood trauma. If this work is as effective as you suggest, every psychologist and psychiatrist, along with counselor and social worker needs to learn this method.

    I would love to hear about the results you and your clients have experienced through the work.
    Kathleen recently posted..A Daemon by Any Other Name…My Profile

  2. Marian Buck-Murray says

    Thanks Kathleen,

    EFT is indeed powerful. A few of my teachers work with War Veterans with PTSD — with amazing & quick results. Dawson Church, one of my teachers, is now promoting documented studies so that EFT can be an ‘approved’ treatment in the PTSD protocol.

    The more entrenched a memory or trauma, the longer it might take, since old traumas seem to set up many different aspects and patterns.

    Yes I TOTALLY agree — EFT should be used by all mental health practitioners AND in every SCHOOL. It’s a wonderful complement to any type of personal work. Depending upon the issue and/or trauma it may be best to work first with a qualified practitioner.

    My EFT clients typically report measurable benefits within one session. I’m so happy to have found it!

    Be Well,


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