Courage Experiment Part 2


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Here’s Part 2 of the Courage Experiment.  I’ve got 3 more tips to help you boost your courage.  I’m experimenting with these too.  I’ll be back to share my results.  If you missed part 1, click here.

Expand Your Knowledge – Many times we’re scared of what we don’t know or understand.  By increasing your knowledge about a particular area, you will increase your confidence and courage to explore areas you might previously have avoided.  You can do this with anything.  Your work.  Politics.  People. Travel. Art.  You name it. 

Incremental Exposure – Little by little, expose yourself to the thing that you fear.  Choose something you really want to experience, but that you’re scared to do.  What can you do, what tiny step can you take, that will get you just a little bit closer?  And a little closer after that.  And even closer?

Enter a state of non-resistance.  – Courage can be tough to muster when we’re dreading doing something.  Resistance, however, can make something feel so much more challenging.   Choose an area where you’re in resistance, and practice letting go of the resistance.  See what happens when you accept the challenge, no matter the discomfort, and allow yourself to be present with whatever happens.

Here’s is an update on some results my experiments with the tips from Part 1 of the Courage Experiment.  To read that post, click here.

Embracing my Fear —  oh, let’s just say, the political scene has been just a tad scary in the last few months.  When I get particularly triggered, by that and by anything else going on in my life, I’ve done quite a bit of embracing.  Sometimes the embrace turns into a short meditation.  Just dropping into this peaceful place allows me to connect with the deeper, more courageous part of my soul, and then I’m back in the game.

Admitting my Fears to a Friend ––  Yup, been doing more of this too.  It feels good to let go of even more of my long-ago-wired in  “all is well” façade.  And poof, like magic, giving voice to my fears with a trusted friend, automatically makes them far less scary.

Don’t Engage with Drama —  I’ve been catching myself, more and more, each time I dive into the drama of ‘there won’t be enough..”  or “It will never work…”  Instead,  I’ve been creating new visions for myself, and I’ve been practicing engaging with the scenes that feel much better.

To find out how to use EFT Tapping, or Matrix Reimprinting to boost your courage, contact me.

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