The Real Reason You’re Stuck

small cat stuck in a tree
Stuck in Fear

Truth be told, I’m the queen of stuck. I’ve been stuck so many times, so many ways, it’s amazing I’m even writing this blog.

It sucks to be stuck.

I judge it, I hate it, I call it bad.

But stuck is stuck for a reason.  There’s always something there.

When I’m stuck,  and I manage to stop judging myself,  I usually notice a bunch of uncomfortable feelings and beliefs simmering just beneath the surface.

So often it boils down to fear.

Fear of not knowing what to do. Fear of doing the wrong thing. Fear of mistakes. Fear of rejection. Fear that I won’t have what it takes. And that old persistent fear of shining.

It’s when I stop to listen to my feelings that I can take steps to release them.

That’s when I use EFT Tapping, or Heart Breath, or guided visualization, to help me clear old patterns of fear and restriction.

When I clear what holds me back, I feel free to move forward.

Next time you feel stuck, take a moment to go inside, and notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re telling yourself. Notice what seems to be in your way.

Once you’re clear about what’s going on inside, use a technique such as EFT, or work with an EFT Practitioner, or therapist,  to clear unwanted feelings and beliefs.

When you’re clear of old stuck emotions and limiting patterns, you’ll feel much more confident, and inspired, to move forward.


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Embrace Your Dark Places

Candle light in hand, Hope concept

I will admit that during my daily meditations, I sometimes feel as though I’m doing it wrong. Often, I notice a place of constriction, usually in my belly, that just won’t surrender into easy flow.  And because it doesn’t feel like love and light, part of me wants to make it wrong.

This making it wrong, however, only serves to cloud my meditation with feelings of self doubt, and worry. Exactly what I’m trying to avoid. My resistance to my constriction only heightens the feeling of wrong.

And then, I remember what I’ve told myself, and my clients, so many times. This dark place within me is calling for love. Calling for my embrace of unconditional acceptance.

That little girl inside, hiding in the dark, afraid of her own power. Afraid to unravel and illuminate her light.

She waits patiently, persistently. I feel the pain of her clench.

So this time, I stay long enough and listen closely enough.  And I understand: she’s waiting for my help.

It’s when, and only when, I embrace her deeply with love and acceptance, that she begins to unravel. That she summons the courage to re-ignite her light.

It happens every time. When I embrace the place I’m judging, and hiding, I get the shift I’m longing for.

In this world filled with judgment and competition, it can feel impossible to accept our darkest places. But resisting our darkness only grows it’s persistence.

No matter how inconvenient, annoying, painful, unfair, or embarrassing, your dark places are always calling for your unconditional love.

It’s in the embrace that you see your light, hidden beneath the clouds of judgement.

It’s been there all along, waiting for your return.

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Baby Steps

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Recently, I subscribed to Daily Burn, the online work-out website. It took me a while to get going – it’s been a long time since I’ve followed a regular intensive routine.

Truthfully, I was scared. Though I used to go to the gym 4-5 times a week, my work-outs stopped after my aortic valve surgery in 2008. I recovered quickly from my surgery, but was left with internal scar tissue, which would eventually constrict my left artery. Working out triggered symptoms including breathlessness and a strange ache in my teeth. Over the next two years I would have two stents implanted, to correct the problem.

But even with the corrective stents, I felt wary of strenuous exercise. Sensitive to the possibility of yet another go-around with the scar tissue. So, I’ve been cruising beneath the radar, careful not to raise my heart-rate too high. Doing just enough yoga, just enough walking, to keep myself believing I was doing enough.

Then came Daily Burn. I couldn’t resist the commercials. The free 30-Day Trial. The affordability. (Much cheaper than my old gym.) What’s to lose? I thought. It’s time. And I signed up.

It sat for almost a month. (Or, rather, I sat for almost a month…)

Then, finally, a day before the end of the trial period, I tried it. I was in gun-ho-get-it-back-mode, eager to prove that I was still in pretty good shape. So, of course, I did too much, too fast. I had to quit before the workout ended. And, for days afterwards I hobbled around on embarrassingly sore legs, telling myself: “I’m so out of shape, I’ll never get it back!”

By the time my legs felt better, the trial period was over, and the monthly payments had begun. With nothing to lose, I tried again.

This time, however, I took baby steps. I went for the super-beginner workout. I watched workout videos before trying them. I took breaks when I needed to.

And it worked.

And slowly, but quicker than I thought, I have progressed to harder and harder workouts. My heart feels healthy and strong. My body is energized. I feel great.

Baby steps. Just signing up was a step. Each step I took got me closer and closer to where I wanted to be. What felt hard in the beginning, now feels easy. What felt impossible, feels full of possibility.

Just as muscles need slow, steady work to grow stronger, so do our dreams and intentions.

So often, during an EFT Tapping session with a client, I hear that she’s dissatisfied with her current situation, and longs to have her dreams fulfilled, NOW. Though visualizing  a dream is certainly crucial, when we continually grasp for the place we want to be, we’re missing the power of now. Without that, we get nowhere.

It’s in each moment that we can take a step towards our dream. It’s great to have an idea of where we’re going, but it’s our steps that show us exactly where to go. It’s those baby steps of experience that allow us to choose our next step, each step of the way.

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When It Gets Hectic, Get Centered

Japanese zen garden with stacked stones and orchid flower

When things get hectic, I know how easy it is to get thrown off balance.   And when I’m off balance, everything feels harder.

It’s those times when it’s really hard to stay centered, that I know I need to pay more attention to my self care. No matter how hectic things feel, or how little time I believe I have.

It’s a struggle, sometimes, when I would just just rather zone out. But it’s the practice that brings me back to center, every time.  And it’s this practice that helps me keep my peace.

Here’s a quick list of helpful centering practices– I use a combination of some or all each day.

Morning Meditation — A silent meditation, a guided one, or one with music such as Wayne Dyer’s I AM Wishes Fulfilled.  15-20 minutes.

Morning Pages — Three handwritten pages, free-flow, before breakfast.

Nature Walk — As little as 15 minutes can do wonders for a scattered mind.

Yoga —  Helps strengthen, center, and unite your body, mind and spirit.  Even a short warm-up routine can be enough to keep you centered throughout your day.

Spring Dragon Tea — Made from the herb gynostemma, this tea is perfect for boosting stress relief and focused energy.  Manufactured by Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs.

Afternoon Still Time — Quiet time, with no distractions, except maybe a book. Or perhaps even a 15-20 minute snooze.  Wonderful for clearing and rejuvenating a busy mind.

Evening Inspirational Reading or Listening — So helpful for those truly stressful days.  Tuning into inspirational authors, poets, speakers, and musicians is a soothing way to come back to a place of centered calm.

Evening Tapping — A quick round of tapping, at the end of the day, helps me clear away distracting residue.  For an illustrated description of the tapping points, click here.

Heart Breath — One of my favorite ways to get out of my head and into my heart. This technique involves deep breathing, and uses the heart’s energy to calm your busy mind.  Click here for a short heart breath audio meditation.

So here’s the deal.  It might feel hard to commit to even a couple of these suggestions.  But do it any way. It will make all the difference to help you stay centered, and happy, especially in hectic times.

Be Well,


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Love Always Wins

Two hearts and rainbow against a blue sky


The moments and days following the recent Supreme Court Ruling were like a love-drenched dream.

Just hours after the ruling, an impromptu gathering formed on the steps of Maplewood’s Town Hall in my home town. A joyful celebration bursting with gleeful hoorahs, laughter, and rainbow banners. Families and children, young and old, of differing faith, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, all coming together, fueled by the power of Love.

The feeling of love was potent in the days following the ruling.   Everywhere — the photos, the rainbows, the lovely reminders that #LoveWins

And then slowly, and surely, we slid back to ‘normal.’ Bringing our focus back to more ‘pressing’ issues. Forgetting the feeling of those first few days. The potency dissipating, as we fall out of love.

But, what if each day, each moment, we allow Love to win? What would that mean?

Would it mean acting more loving towards the people in our lives?

Would it mean letting love win in the midst of a heated argument?

Would it mean embracing self-love during triggering moments?

Would it mean lovingly attending to our daily obligations?

Would it mean that we love ourselves more completely?

Love is powerful, unifying, healing, beautiful, divine. It’s what we’re all seeking. So often searching, and never finding.

And yet there it is, all along, inside our hearts. That potent energy of love, seeking to express.

Researchers at the Institute for HeartMath, tell us that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body. Its electrical field is about 60 times greater than the brain’s. When infused with loving feelings, the heart’s power is truly magnificent.

It’s this radiant, loving heart energy that we feel when we’re falling in love. That uplifts us when we perform acts of meaningful volunteerism. That makes the vision of a baby’s face so incredibly irresistible.

It’s this potent power of love that propels us to celebrate and expand what’s good and right with the world.

When we allow it, LoveWins, every time.  Let’s keep it going.



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