Unloop the Mind Chatter Loop

A cassette tape has been destroyed and the tape unraveled.

That trusty mind-chatter loop, you can always count on it to remind you about what you haven’t done, what’s wrong with your life, your body, your finances, and anything else that could possibly worry you.

It’s sneaky, convincing, sometimes outright manipulative.  It will do anything, and everything, to win the grand prize of controlling your every thought and action.  It will spin you down dark spirals, it will keep you hiding from opportunities, it will deny you your peace of mind.

Many clients tell me it visits them at night.   That’s its favorite time.  That window of time when we lie captive in the dark, the mind-loop swells ominous.  Mine tends to show up right before it’s time to get up for the day — trying to scare me back to sleep.

What’s important to realize is that the mind loop is truly all in your head.  It’s the ego/brain’s way of keeping us safe, in its own strange way.

The problem is, when you’re stuck in a mind loop, your mind is not free to access helpful information or solutions.  When your mind is wrapped around what’s wrong…. that’s all it sees.  It cannot see anything else.  Un-loop your mind, and you will see the possibilities.  You will see the solutions you never knew were there.

Here are some suggestions to unloop the mind-loop.

Write — Use writing to move looping thoughts out of your head. Write  your to-do list into a notebook which you can refer to on a daily basis.  Keep a journal to do a morning or evening mind-dump.  Write solutions to problems.  Write down your dreams and goals. Refer to them on a regular basis to build and refine.  Once you move anything out of your head it’s easier manage.

Get Physical–  A mind-loop will keep you spinning in your head.  Do something physical, to move back into your body.  Take a walk.  Jump up and down.  Exercise.  The goal is to  focus on the physical activity, and the feelings in your body.

Sit Quietly —  Close your eyes, and  breath slowly and deeply.  Notice how you feel.  Watch your breath as it flows in and out of your body.  Notice any thoughts, without judging or engaging with them.  Sit quietly, breathing deeply, for as long as you like.

Do the Heart Breath — Similar to quiet sitting, with the Heart Breath, you imagine that you’re breathing in and out of your heart.  Breathing this way for a few minutes will help you drop out of your mind, and into your heart. Click here to download my Heart Breath Meditation.

EFT Tapping — EFT Tapping is a powerful way to clear a persistent mind-loop.  Tapping helps to dismantle neural pathways that keep us stuck in habitual negative patterns. If you’re familiar with EFT, use it to tap on your feelings about specific aspects of the mind-loop.  For example, use it to tap on your feelings of anxiety about the project you haven’t started.  Once you begin to clear the anxiety, new solutions will begin to appear.   Click here to learn more about EFT Tapping.

In Courage,


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Time To Bloom!

Beautiful pink tulip isolated on white background

It takes courage to bloom. Courage to expand and grow into new expressions of ourselves.  These suggestions, based on a flower’s natural rhythm and needs, will help you find the strength and courage to bloom

  1. Warm up. Spring flowers will not grow unless it’s warm enough outside.  A cold snap will kill them. Don’t expect to go from cold to full bloom.  Warming up is what enables us to endure, and enjoy, the road ahead.  Warm up to your dreams. Ease into new experiences. Strengthen your skills by stretching your creative muscles.  Add warmth to your environment with supportive people, and encouraging thoughts.
  1. Soften your soil. Just as hard rocky soil impedes plant growth, being hard on yourself will impede your desired growth. Soften your approach to yourself.  Understand that growth of any kind needs acceptance of where you are right now.  It’s from this softened place of acceptance that you’ll be able to take the steps that will lead you to your dreams.
  1. Clear out the weeds and pests. A garden clogged with weeds, and ravaged by pests, will never grow to its full splendor. Pesky negative mind chatter will clog your mind, making it impossible to think clearly about your next steps. Doubts and worries will squash your ability to create your desired experiences.  Releasing mind chatter will help you clear the way to your heart’s desires.  EFT tapping is a perfect way to clear the out negative mind chatter.  Contact me to learn more.

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  1. Nourish your Environment. Nutrient-rich soil, fertilizer, water, and sun all help nourish a healthy garden.  Julia Cameron, Author of the Artists Way, recommends regular artist dates with yourself in order to nourish your creative juices.  Julia tells students to “fill the well” with activities that inspire and empassion.  Nourish your home and work environments as well, with elements that speak to your own unique expression.
  1. Allow ample space. Just as flowers and trees need space between them – your dreams and desires need space as well.  Give yourself that space.  Allow quiet, undistracted pockets of time to meditate, envision, create, and nurture your dreams.

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5 Steps to Boost Your Courage

profile of a relaxed African lion staring in the zoo

Courage. When I think about courage, I’m reminded of the Cowardly Lion. He was always so aware of what he couldn’t do.  So painfully ashamed of the enormity of his fear.  Over and over he cowered.  Finally,  he summoned the courage to follow Dorothy, Tin Man, and Scarecrow to visit the Wizard.  Thankfully, his friends wouldn’t allow him to back out of his quest for courage.

I‘ve always felt a deep connection with Dorothy of Oz, and I played her in my third grade play. For me, it always comes back to the underlying theme:

Trust your inner power, your heart,  —  it will always lead you where you need to go. (Click your heels, Dorothy…)

It takes a lot of courage to trust our inner urges.   It can feel scary to reach for courage.  Having courage means doing scary things.  Sometimes that’s enough to stop us.  And, just like the Cowardly Lion, we’ll do just about anything to talk ourselves out of it.

Here are 5 tips which will help you in your quest for more courage.

ONE:  Start safe.  When you’re stepping out in a new way, start in a safe place.  Practice first with supportive people.  For example, if you want to speak in front of a group, start with a small group, or even one of your friends.  If you’re holding back a creative work, start by sharing it with someone you trust.  Just start.  The goal is to build confidence and courage along your way, so that you feel comfortable, and supported as you go.

TWO:  Take Baby Steps.  Often we’re afraid of the big goal that looms in the distance.  Looking so far off into the future can feel as scary as Wicked Witch of the West.  Small, gradual, steps are what will help you build experience, momentum, and courage.  Acknowledging your results, however small, will encourage you to move forward.

THREE:  Take notice of the courage you’ve shown in the past.  Big and small.  For example, perhaps you dragged yourself to a networking meeting for the first time.  Or you sang in front of a friend.  Starting, or breaking up, any type of relationship takes enormous courage. Then there are the biggies like moving, changing careers, facing illness and loss, and speaking up for yourself.  Harness the feelings of courage you’ve already displayed. En-courage yourself.

FOUR:  Look to Nature. Nature is bursting with metaphors of courage.  A bud emerging from the thawing earth.  A flower opening from its bud.  A butterfly emerging.  A baby bird taking first flight.  Find a metaphor that works for you, and envision your emerging beauty.

FIVE:  Use EFT Tapping.  EFT is a fabulous technique for releasing feelings of fear and anxiety.  A very effective technique for reducing cortisol, the major stress hormone.  Learning how to use EFT Tapping will help you calmly navigate the scary places. Contact me to learn more about EFT.

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In Courage,


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Orange sectionI got up at 4:00 a.m., before my alarm clock sounded. I had worried that I would oversleep, and miss the first of two trains I had to take that day. I was on my way to Providence RI, for a mini-working-retreat with coach Jeannie Spiro and my fellow Expansion Club Members.

Just as I was leaving my house for the 5 a.m. train to NYC, I noticed the clock: 4:44. I’ve heard many times, 444 means angels are all around. I was thankful for the synchronicity.

I mentioned this to my husband as he drove me to the station. “Why is it only at 4:44 when they’re with you?” he asked. “What about the rest of the time?”

“Oh, it’s just a reminder that they’re always here.” I replied.

4:44 on my way to Providence. Angels were with me. I was happy for the reminder.

When I arrived at Penn Station I grabbed a celebratory latte from Starbucks, and waited until it was time to board the 6:20 Amtrak.

Then, after storing my suitcase in the overhead compartment, I slid exhausted into my seat.  The man across the aisle had offered to help with my baggage, but I politely declined. As short as I am, I’m determined to reach without out help. That perpetual drive to ‘do it myself.’

About 30 minutes into the trip, I felt hungry, and pulled an orange from my purse. Organic and delicious. I broke the orange into sections. I bit into a piece.  Mmm, nice and juicy.

Then, as I swallowed, a piece of orange lodged at the back of my throat. I tried to cough it out, but no luck.

It was at that moment that I realized I could barely breathe.

The man across the aisle heard my cough. “Do you need help?” he asked.

Nodding yes, I got up from my seat, and stood in the aisle. He moved behind me, and performed the Heimlich maneuver.

And just like that, I coughed the piece of orange out into my hand. My throat was clear.

“Thank you,” I said. “Thank you.” And I sank back down into my seat. “Thank you.”

Now wary of my once-delicious orange, I threw it away. I sipped at my luke-warm latte, wondering about what had just happened. Though I had been startled, I now felt a strange sense of overall calm. The man across the aisle glanced over at me, watching me with concern, before he finally leaned back and fell asleep.

He got off in New Haven.  “Thank you again.” I smiled as he looked to say goodbye.

“What a way to start the day!” he smiled back.

It wasn’t until a day or two later that I understood what had truly happened.

My friend, Tina Walsh, creator of the Journey Through the Chakras Program, listened with wide eyes as I told her my story. We were with our retreat-mates, enjoying drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the hotel bar.

“You choked?” she said.

“Well, yeah, almost,  but he cleared it.” I replied.

“That’s your throat chakra, honey. He cleared your throat chakra, Marian.” Tina exclaimed, grabbing her throat.

My throat chakra, I thought. Of course. It’s what I’m all about. Helping people clear the fear that keeps them hiding their truth. The fact that I’ve had my own intimate struggles with speaking my truth is the very reason I feel so passionate about the work that I do.

“Okay. This makes sense. But why an orange? What could that possibly mean?” I asked.

“The color orange, my dear, symbolizes your second chakra.” Tina laughed.

“Of course!” I said, slapping my forehead, “Couldn’t be any more obvious.”

So now I saw what I was clearly meant to see. My second chakra, the seat of my creative energy, had been cleared. My throat chakra, the seat of truthful expression, had also been cleared.

The guidance was loud and clear:

Clear the path for truthful, creative expression.

It’s what I do when I work with my clients with EFT Tapping.  It’s what I’m meant to do.  It’s what my heart desires, both for me, and for the clients I serve.

Angels truly were with me that day on the train. Divine protection, divine guidance, on my way to Providence.



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The Real Reason You’re Stuck

small cat stuck in a tree
Stuck in Fear

Truth be told, I’m the queen of stuck. I’ve been stuck so many times, so many ways, it’s amazing I’m even writing this blog.

It sucks to be stuck.

I judge it, I hate it, I call it bad.

But stuck is stuck for a reason.  There’s always something there.

When I’m stuck,  and I manage to stop judging myself,  I usually notice a bunch of uncomfortable feelings and beliefs simmering just beneath the surface.

So often it boils down to fear.

Fear of not knowing what to do. Fear of doing the wrong thing. Fear of mistakes. Fear of rejection. Fear that I won’t have what it takes. And that old persistent fear of shining.

It’s when I stop to listen to my feelings that I can take steps to release them.

That’s when I use EFT Tapping, or Heart Breath, or guided visualization, to help me clear old patterns of fear and restriction.

When I clear what holds me back, I feel free to move forward.

Next time you feel stuck, take a moment to go inside, and notice what you’re feeling. Notice what you’re telling yourself. Notice what seems to be in your way.

Once you’re clear about what’s going on inside, use a technique such as EFT, or work with an EFT Practitioner, or therapist,  to clear unwanted feelings and beliefs.

When you’re clear of old stuck emotions and limiting patterns, you’ll feel much more confident, and inspired, to move forward.


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