When It Gets Hectic, Get Centered

Japanese zen garden with stacked stones and orchid flower

When things get hectic, I know how easy it is to get thrown off balance.   And when I’m off balance, everything feels harder.

It’s those times when it’s really hard to stay centered, that I know I need to pay more attention to my self care. No matter how hectic things feel, or how little time I believe I have.

It’s a struggle, sometimes, when I would just just rather zone out. But it’s the practice that brings me back to center, every time.  And it’s this practice that helps me keep my peace.

Here’s a quick list of helpful centering practices– I use a combination of some or all each day.

Morning Meditation — A silent meditation, a guided one, or one with music such as Wayne Dyer’s I AM Wishes Fulfilled.  15-20 minutes.

Morning Pages — Three handwritten pages, free-flow, before breakfast.

Nature Walk — As little as 15 minutes can do wonders for a scattered mind.

Yoga —  Helps strengthen, center, and unite your body, mind and spirit.  Even a short warm-up routine can be enough to keep you centered throughout your day.

Spring Dragon Tea — Made from the herb gynostemma, this tea is perfect for boosting stress relief and focused energy.  Manufactured by Ron Teeguarden’s Dragon Herbs.

Afternoon Still Time — Quiet time, with no distractions, except maybe a book. Or perhaps even a 15-20 minute snooze.  Wonderful for clearing and rejuvenating a busy mind.

Evening Inspirational Reading or Listening — So helpful for those truly stressful days.  Tuning into inspirational authors, poets, speakers, and musicians is a soothing way to come back to a place of centered calm.

Evening Tapping — A quick round of tapping, at the end of the day, helps me clear away distracting residue.  For an illustrated description of the tapping points, click here.

Heart Breath — One of my favorite ways to get out of my head and into my heart. This technique involves deep breathing, and uses the heart’s energy to calm your busy mind.  Click here for a short heart breath audio meditation.

So here’s the deal.  It might feel hard to commit to even a couple of these suggestions.  But do it any way. It will make all the difference to help you stay centered, and happy, especially in hectic times.

Be Well,


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Love Always Wins

Two hearts and rainbow against a blue sky


The moments and days following the recent Supreme Court Ruling were like a love-drenched dream.

Just hours after the ruling, an impromptu gathering formed on the steps of Maplewood’s Town Hall in my home town. A joyful celebration bursting with gleeful hoorahs, laughter, and rainbow banners. Families and children, young and old, of differing faith, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, all coming together, fueled by the power of Love.

The feeling of love was potent in the days following the ruling.   Everywhere — the photos, the rainbows, the lovely reminders that #LoveWins

And then slowly, and surely, we slid back to ‘normal.’ Bringing our focus back to more ‘pressing’ issues. Forgetting the feeling of those first few days. The potency dissipating, as we fall out of love.

But, what if each day, each moment, we allow Love to win? What would that mean?

Would it mean acting more loving towards the people in our lives?

Would it mean letting love win in the midst of a heated argument?

Would it mean embracing self-love during triggering moments?

Would it mean lovingly attending to our daily obligations?

Would it mean that we love ourselves more completely?

Love is powerful, unifying, healing, beautiful, divine. It’s what we’re all seeking. So often searching, and never finding.

And yet there it is, all along, inside our hearts. That potent energy of love, seeking to express.

Researchers at the Institute for HeartMath, tell us that the heart is the most powerful generator of electromagnetic energy in the human body. Its electrical field is about 60 times greater than the brain’s. When infused with loving feelings, the heart’s power is truly magnificent.

It’s this radiant, loving heart energy that we feel when we’re falling in love. That uplifts us when we perform acts of meaningful volunteerism. That makes the vision of a baby’s face so incredibly irresistible.

It’s this potent power of love that propels us to celebrate and expand what’s good and right with the world.

When we allow it, LoveWins, every time.  Let’s keep it going.



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Your #1 Key To Unlock Your Brilliance

lotus flower

It might surprise you to know that Relaxation is the absolute #1 Key to unlocking your brilliance.

“Relax?”  You might say. “How can I? There’s too much to do!”

I frequently hear this from my clients.  This sense that it’s not okay to relax when so much is going on.  A sense of overwhelm that feels like being stuck and spinning out of control all at the same time.  A sense that taking time to relax might just make everything fall apart.

Stuck and spinning, and not enough time or energy to relax.

But it’s relaxation which will help you get unstuck and stop spinning on the hamster wheel of stress.

It’s simple. Stress increases the stress hormone cortisol.  This increase in cortisol triggers blood loss from the thinking part of your brain. In other words, when you’re stressed, your brain is far less effective.  Lower efficiency drains your time and energy, and helps create a sense of overwhelm.

Relaxation helps to reduce cortisol, and bring blood back to the thinking part of your brain.  When you’re relaxed, your brain is more efficient.  And, when you’re relaxed, you are open to fresh new ideas.

EFT Tapping is one of the most powerful techniques for reducing cortisol, and helping you relax. Simply tapping on the karate chop point will help in a stressful situation.

It’s this place of peace and relaxation that will help you open to your true brilliance.  Your brilliance is there, underneath all the stress and anxiety. It’s been there all along.

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To Bloom or Not To Bloom

peony bud

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” ~ Anais Nin.

Watching the peonies in our garden, I am reminded of this quote.  I wonder if the blossom feels pain and fear before breaking out of its bud.  It surely must be the case for the baby bird, breaking from its shell, the butterfly emerging from its cocoon.

Living within a tight space can feel cozy and safe, like a maternal hug.  The outer walls  forming formidable protection for emerging growth.

Then comes that day, that exact moment, when everything begins to change.  What once felt safe becomes stale and stagnant. Outer protection presses painfully.  Coziness turns constricting and restrictive.  All the while, an underlying fear of the unknown swells to the surface.

Despite it all, I doubt the blossom, the bird, or the butterfly, ever regret the pain of emergence.

What if fear and discomfort are just signals that it’s time to emerge?  What if once we emerge, the sheer joy of blossoming overcomes it all?

Where are you ready to blossom?  Are you being signaled? Is it time?  Remember that it’s the act of moving through discomfort that has the power to dissolve it.  Vibrant life shines brightly on the other side.

Peony open blossom

Open up to the beauty within you. 

It’s time to unlock your brilliance!


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Tap Away Your Stage Fright!

Tap Away Your Stage Fright

The other night, my husband, who recently started using EFT tapping, tapped before his first open mike performance. The tapping helped him release his anxiety, and allowed him relax.  So when it came time to perform, he was able to sing 3 songs on his first try!  3 songs!! Needless to say, he felt amazing afterwards.

So, what is it about performing in public that makes us cringe? Is it the fear of criticism?  The fear of  standing in the spotlight?  The fear of making a mistake? The fear of drawing a complete blank? Yes, yes, yes, and yes?

So often, it’s what happens BEFORE the performance that’s the most painful.  All that anticipatory angst. The actual performance itself can be a relief – if we ever get there!

Performance anxiety usually stems from a painful past experience.  A painful experience that somehow led us to fear the stage.  Fortunately, EFT Tapping is a technique you can use to clear away anxiety, and build a sense of calm confidence.

One client describes how terrified she felt about an upcoming vocal performance.  Although she had been taking voice lessons for years, and had a beautiful singing voice, she was terrified to sing in public.

As a child my client loved to sing, but was made fun of when she did.  The nature of this experience left her feeling embarrassed by her voice – leading her to hide it, so not to be criticized. Decades later, when she decided to take voice lessons, she discovered her beautiful voice.  Despite her discovery, however,  she still felt the old feelings stemming from her childhood experience.

So we used EFT Tapping on her feelings of embarrassment. We tapped on her fear of criticism. We tapped on her fear of making a mistake. We tapped on her fear of being too nervous to sing.  In addition, we tapped in positive feelings about her ability to sing.

It didn’t take long before my client felt calm, relaxed, and excited when she imagined her upcoming performance. And,  it went splendidly.

So, next time you feel the jitters about performing in public, take some time to notice what you’re feeling.  Try EFT to tap on the feelings and fears that come up.  EFT is one of the most effective techniques for reducing cortisol, the major stress hormone, so it will help you relax. When you feel calm and relaxed, your performance will flow beautifully.

Good Luck!

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