Matrix Reimprinting

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a powerful, experiential process which uses EFT Tapping and visualization to transform disempowering beliefs and feelings. In this safe and gentle process, I will guide you as you visit younger parts of yourself at the times when your limiting beliefs were originally created. 

Karl Dawson, creator of the Matrix Reimprinting Method, named our younger selves, our ECHOs — or, Energetic Consciousness Holograms.  These ECHOs hold memory, emotions, and beliefs formed during life’s traumatic and painful events.  When gently approached with EFT Tapping, our ECHOs will give us the gems of information that enable us to transform our lives.

It is during this process of meeting with your ECHO, that I will guide you in using visualization, imagination, and compassion to ‘reimprint’ the scene.  This reimprinting allows you to recreate the negative feelings and beliefs associated with the memory.  It is a way of unfreezing, assisting, and empowering your younger self. 

By helping your ECHO create new positive feelings and empowering images, you can transform the ways in which your past effects your current and future life.   With Matrix Reimprinting, you can also experientially create new, positive images for your future.

Matrix Reimprinting Will Help You:

  • Clear unwanted behavior patterns
  • Replace limiting beliefs with positive empowering beliefs
  • Resolve core (persistent) issues
  • Repair and improve relationships
  • Feel a sense of joyful freedom from your past
  • Strengthen your belief in yourself
  • Increase your vibration
  • Forgive yourself and others
  • Increase your ability to follow your heart and attract your desires
  • Feel increased love and compassion for yourself


Initial 90-Minute Matrix Reimprinting Session $185

60-Minute Matrix Reimprinting Session $125

6 60-Minute Matrix Reimprinting Sessions   $675


By Skype, Zoom, or in my Maplewood NJ Office.  Contact me to learn more.