Success Stories

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Thank you so much for the relevant tapping session this morning. Your presence is warm and lovely and I’m so grateful that I jumped at the chance to experience your work. Calming my critical voice is truly allowing all my other “voices” to come forth with greater ease and authenticity.
~Michelle Bongiorno, Trauma Specialist

What a remarkable service Marian provides. I’ve been working with my own critical voice & the ones of clients for 20 years. No other technique has worked so well so fast. Thank you so much.
~M.K.Miller, Creator, Money Listens

Wow, I really benefited from my Transform The Critical Voice session with Marian! We were able to take a dark and looming force/voice that was keeping me from “doing my work” and make it much more friendly and welcoming. Just by working through it slowly and thoughtfully, I was able to pull down the darkness to expose the possibilities and the potential I knew was there all along. Since our session, my business and my work feels super bright and colorful, with no more dark forces in my way! Thanks Marian! 
~Tina Pruitt

Kudos to Marian Buck-Murray! I had an EFT for the Critical Voice session with Marian this morning. She was wonderful and insightful. The session was so beneficial to me. We thanked that voice, and gave her a new job description. Wow! Two thumbs up indeed. Thank you, Marian!
~Judith Stephens, MBA, The Money Lady

Our session was incredible. I’m still in absolute awe at how quickly you led me to the core issues that were tangling me up. So often I would feel the impact of the inner critical voice on my emotions (I’d FEEL depressed, overwhelmed, stuck, anxious)…but I never knew what the core limiting beliefs exactly were. That you exposed them so effortlessly amazes me. I’m blown away by how good I feel – truly it is like I’m breathing deeper, feeling lighter, clearer– an everyday-kind-of joy just feels so much more accessible right now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work- I can’t wait to continue further with you!
~ Lisa Grace Byrne, MPH, Author of Replenish, Founder of

Marian, it was indeed a pivotal session. I’ve had no inner criticism emerging at all since we did the work, and am experiencing less self judgement as well. One amusing moment occurred a couple of days later–I noticed the ‘quiet’ and decided to check in to see if the inner critic was still around. It appeared as an image at the end of my bed, below my feet, as a very small ‘being’ in white robes sporting a halo of gold around the head this time, looking angelic. I noted that it had been “good,” thanked it and said, “well done.” We shook hands. The interaction made me chuckle and I’m so grateful to have a new relationship/contract with it.
~ Anda Li Whitman

When I went to Marian, I was starting my new business. I had a lot of trouble asking people for money, even when they told me they wanted to help me out. In my mind, asking for money was rude and having money was selfish, even immoral. Marian created a loving, gentle space for me in which to transform. She helped me release all the ugly things I was telling myself and replace them with an entirely new attitude.

I’m now not only able to ask people for financial help, I feel good doing it! The result is that the people who are inspired by my goals and want to support me are able to make a real difference. Thank you, Marian. You’ve changed my life.
~ Yevdokia McDowell




Marian’s approach is very thorough and thoughtful.  She looks at the whole person in her nutritional assessments.  Her recommendations are very easy to integrate in a step by step approach. Her calm, warm approach make integrating these changes possible.
A. Boyce

I attended one of Marian’s seminars and wanted to learn more from her.  My primary issues were acid indigestion, overweight, high blood pressure, and stress.  I have read nutrition books and have the Dr. Oz manuals, but it is the ‘doing’ that is difficult.  Our family ate too much takeout and meals were an afterthought.  Marian has been my guide during this journey.  As her client, she has helped me make a huge shift in behavior to a nutrient rich diet.  My husband loves our ‘new meals’ because they taste great.  Marian takes a holistic approach and has mentored me on nutrition, supplements, scents, breathing and other healing techniques.  Over a period of two months, the acid indigestion was eliminated, I lost weight, gained energy and have renewed my interest in cooking.  Marian understood my issues and worked at my pace to create lasting changes in my life.
Kathy Long

Marian is so knowledgeable and creative.  Every ailment that I’ve inquired about (from arthritis to gastritis) Marian has had a wonderful advice that has truly helped my condition. Her seminars are great.  She is easy to understand and has a true sense of caring.
Ruby Allen

I contacted Marian to help me design a very different diet than I was used to. Working with Marian greatly helped ease the transition as I learned to cook in a very different way. Marian provided many valuable tips that I have incorporated into recipes and they have all been a great success! After incorporating this new diet into my life, I have been feeling much stronger and I have a great deal more energy as well as a clearer mind.

Marian was a pleasure to work with and she brings a sense of calm with her that is invaluable.
R. Pasternack

Marian Buck-Murray is an inspiration to anyone looking for a practical and realistic approach to improved health. With an emphasis on nutritional healing, she synthesizes the best options for everyday wellness with real-life application. Personally I have struggled with weight and fatigue for years, and Marian introduced me to several dietary and exercise options that have helped me in these areas. Her approach is very well integrated, and her own personal transformation is a powerful testament to the value of steady subtle changes yielding significant results.

As a mother and a small business owner with a hectic schedule, I am often time-challenged and was uninspired in the kitchen. Marian helped me clarify my concerns, set attainable goals, and streamline my own approach to personal and family wellness. Now, having a more informed perspective that takes into consideration the body-mind connection, and with several wonderful menu suggestions from Marian, I am actually excited by own my cooking and the whole family benefits from my efforts. A great listener and a compassionate coach who will keep you on track, I found Marian’s approach to be insightful and complete.
M. Kothari Cho, Small business owner