The Care and Feeding of Your Subconscious

Gardening tools and a straw hat on the grass in the garden

The power of the subconscious is in the soil. 

It’s hard to truly comprehend the full power of our subconscious mind.  But it’s always there, always doing its job, no matter if we pay attention or not.

Much of the time it’s easy to forget that it’s even there.  Most of us are so busy wrestling with the thoughts running through our minds, it’s hard to believe there’s anything but the thoughts we’re thinking.

But it’s there. The subconscious is always doing its job.  Collecting the information we feed it, listening to what we think and feel. And then it gives it all back to us, over, and over, and over again.

Our habitual patterns.  Our habitual beliefs.  Our habitual actions.  Our habitual experiences.  All come directly from our subconscious.  All are the direct result of the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences we’ve fed our subconscious throughout our lives.

In the beginning, before age 6, our subconscious mind is in its full power. Like soft, fertile soil, it easily receives and accepts whatever comes to it though its environment.  It’s a time of super-learning.  And a time of formulation of long-lasting beliefs.

Just like any garden, it’s from this fertile soil that our life unfolds, and grows.  And the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs which are continually reinforced, will grow the fastest, the strongest, and the deepest.  Before long, they will grow into what feels like indisputable, undeniable, facts.

To truly understand, or begin to understand, the power of our subconscious mind, is to finally understand the power that is within all of us.  Dorothy’s ruby slippers were always on her feet, but she didn’t understand, or trust, her power, until, of course, she finally did.

The power of your subconscious is in the soil  And, just like any soil, it can be fertilized, nurtured, turned, weeded, watered, and fed. Overgrowth can be weeded out, and anything can be planted and grown within the right circumstances and environmental factors.  

Here are some tips to feed and care for your subconscious – your inner power.

Weeding  —  Weed out negative thoughts and beliefs, daily. Be mindful of what you’re consistently thinking.  When you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, or reacting to distressing beliefs – pause.  By mindfully observing your thought process, you begin to disempower the negative spin.  You can also direct your mind to think something completely opposite – such as a positive affirmation.  In addition, EFT Tapping is a powerful tool to help weed out the negative feelings associated with your thoughts.  Regular weeding will enable you to free up valuable space within your fertile subconscious mind.

Planting – Decide exactly what you want to grow in your garden.  You can grow anything you like.  What would you like to believe about yourself?  How would you like to feel?  What would you like to experience?  Make a list of the beliefs, thoughts, and experiences you want to cultivate.  For example you can decide to plant Courage, Strength, Joy, Persistence, Discipline, Success, Creativity.  You can also plant the visions of experiences you’ll enjoy as a result of new beliefs and qualities.

Nourishment –  Once you decide what to grow in your subconscious, you’ve got to nourish regularly.  If, for example, you decide to grow courage, you could nourish its grow by thinking strengthening, empowering thoughts, or visualizing yourself accomplishing courageous feats.  Action-oriented experience is like a power-food for your subconscious – so taking inspired action is crucial.  Remember repetition is key.  By repeatedly, and consistently, feeding the feeling of courage, and it will grow within your subconscious, until it feels like an indisputable fact.  

Environment – Plant grows best within specific environmental circumstances, and so do our beliefs.  Be mindful of your surroundings, your media choices, your chosen activities, the people around you.  Do they nourish or deplete your garden?  What do you need more of? What can you let go of?  Remember, you’re in control of the care and feeding of your powerful subconscious.  Be vigilant what you allow to enter it.

I’m continually amazed by the power of my own subconscious to help me heal, grow, and transform.  And I feel incredibly grateful to be a guide for my clients as they access their own power.  Contact me if you’d like to learn more about using Matrix Reimprinting, or EFT Tapping, to harness the power of your subconscious to transform your life. 

What Do You Expect?

Green cartel with text "Great Expectations", 3d render

Really, what do you expect?  There’s an energy in your expectations, which will affect your behavior, and eventually lead you to attract what you expect.  So, be mindful of your expectations.

Expectations come from past experiences, most often childhood.  For example, if you frequently heard the word ‘no’ when you asked for something as a child, you might refrain from asking for things directly. Expecting to hear a ‘no’, you might find yourself cushioning your requests in an effort to make them sound sweeter.  Or, perhaps you avoid asking for things all together.

If you consistently got rejected by a group of friends, you might expect to be rejected in your current social situations.  This expectation might cause you to act shy, or ‘not yourself’ around other people. This type of behavior can lead to even more rejection, since people won’t be able to get to know you in the way you want to be known.

Expectations such as “work is hard”, or “there’s never enough time”, or “I’ll never get ahead”, will contribute to negative feelings, such as anxiety and fear. These negative feelings will make things feel hard, and zap your motivation, and your ability, to get things done.

Expectations can be tricky, since they’re so often proven right.  Because we see the proof, our expectations seem like indisputable facts. And if they’re indisputable facts, how can we change them?

The key here, is to realize that expectations are merely thoughts about the future, seen through the lens of past experience. 

So, even if we might not be able to change an indisputable fact, we can change both our thoughts, and the lens through which we see our future.

The bottom line? We can change our expectations to help us get what we really want.

How to change your expectations:

Be open to the possibilities. Things might turn out differently than you expect. You can’t be certain about what will happen in the future, so be open to different possibilities.

Rewrite your expectations. Write down a list of your most prominent negative expectations, and rewrite them to be more positive. For example — Change “I’ll never succeed” to  “Wouldn’t it be great if I succeeded at that.”  Don’t force a positive expectation that doesn’t feel true.  Instead, rewrite your expectation as a possible desirable outcome.

Notice your positive expectations. What do you consistently expect?  Do you you expect a great workout?  Do you expect a productive work time?  Do you expect a pleasant conversation with a certain friend?  Watch what happens with your positive expectations.

Keep a positive expectation journal. Expectations love proof. Note what happens as a result of shifting your thoughts.

Visualize.  Close your eyes and imagine a desirable outcome. As much as possible, get into the ‘energy’ of the scene using your emotions and senses.  Visualization will help you change your beliefs about what is possible.

Change your expectations and you will change everything.


In Courage,



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