Courage Experiment Part 2


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Here’s Part 2 of the Courage Experiment.  I’ve got 3 more tips to help you boost your courage.  I’m experimenting with these too.  I’ll be back to share my results.  If you missed part 1, click here.

Expand Your Knowledge – Many times we’re scared of what we don’t know or understand.  By increasing your knowledge about a particular area, you will increase your confidence and courage to explore areas you might previously have avoided.  You can do this with anything.  Your work.  Politics.  People. Travel. Art.  You name it. 

Incremental Exposure – Little by little, expose yourself to the thing that you fear.  Choose something you really want to experience, but that you’re scared to do.  What can you do, what tiny step can you take, that will get you just a little bit closer?  And a little closer after that.  And even closer?

Enter a state of non-resistance.  – Courage can be tough to muster when we’re dreading doing something.  Resistance, however, can make something feel so much more challenging.   Choose an area where you’re in resistance, and practice letting go of the resistance.  See what happens when you accept the challenge, no matter the discomfort, and allow yourself to be present with whatever happens.

Here’s is an update on some results my experiments with the tips from Part 1 of the Courage Experiment.  To read that post, click here.

Embracing my Fear —  oh, let’s just say, the political scene has been just a tad scary in the last few months.  When I get particularly triggered, by that and by anything else going on in my life, I’ve done quite a bit of embracing.  Sometimes the embrace turns into a short meditation.  Just dropping into this peaceful place allows me to connect with the deeper, more courageous part of my soul, and then I’m back in the game.

Admitting my Fears to a Friend ––  Yup, been doing more of this too.  It feels good to let go of even more of my long-ago-wired in  “all is well” façade.  And poof, like magic, giving voice to my fears with a trusted friend, automatically makes them far less scary.

Don’t Engage with Drama —  I’ve been catching myself, more and more, each time I dive into the drama of ‘there won’t be enough..”  or “It will never work…”  Instead,  I’ve been creating new visions for myself, and I’ve been practicing engaging with the scenes that feel much better.

To find out how to use EFT Tapping, or Matrix Reimprinting to boost your courage, contact me.

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Courage Experiment Part 1

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About a month ago I got the idea for a last minute workshop.  It was one of those ideas that felt so important, so urgent, so motivating, that I knew I had to do it.

I was recovering from a very long bout of a persistent cough and general malaise.  I needed something to pull me out of my slump.

The Courage Experiment promised just what I needed.

As I mentioned, it was last minute.  I was determined to offer the workshop in April, and it turned out that the only feasible date was on a Tuesday evening, immediately following the Easter/Passover Holidays.

And just like that, I was faced with one of my persistent fears:

What if NOBODY shows up?

Ugh.  My old insecurities cringing at the sight of that one thought.

And that’s exactly when I knew I had to do it.  I had to do it because I was afraid.  This is, after all, the Courage Experiment.  And because it felt so right, I knew I had the drive to do it, no matter who showed up.

I  ended up giving the workshop to a lively group of 3 people. More had signed up, but weren’t able to come.  It was a wonderful and powerful workshop, and it felt so good to express our fears and our courage in a such a supportive group. (This too, BTW is an experiment with courage — I’m resisting the urge to tell you that my audience was larger. )

I created a handout for the workshop, full of actionable courage-boosting tips.  Here, are three of the tips I’m experimenting with now.  I’ll be back soon with Part 2, and more tips. (And, I’ll also share the results from my own experiment.)

1. Embrace Your Fear – Ahh. This one can be tricky, but very powerful.  Our fear is usually coming from a much younger place within.  Embracing this part of yourself will help you feel more supported.  So, next time you’re faced with fear, pause to acknowledge your fear and imagine sending love and compassion to your fear.  Sometimes just pausing with this intention is enough to release fear. With practice, it becomes habit.

2.  Admit to your Fears with a Friend – It can take a lot of courage to admit we’re afraid.  Fear loves to hide in secrecy.  Sharing your fears with an understanding friend or counselor will usually help dispel some of the fear.  Sometimes it just feels so damn good to get it out into the open!

3. Don’t Engage the Drama–  By-pass worst-case scenarios.  We never know what’s going to happen, so why imagine the scariest possibilities? Fear feeds on drama, and will multiply the more we engage.  Practice stepping away from the drama, and imagining better-feeling scenarios.

Remember, the idea here is to EXPERIMENT with these ideas.  Courage needs to be nourished and cultivated in order to truly shine.

Contact me if you’d like to learn how to use EFT Tapping To Boost Your Courage.

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4 Steps to Stop Fear in Its Tracks

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Fear.  I know it well.  As a solopreneur, I frequently face fear when I think about what I can do to grow my business. Fear can easily stop me from taking productive action —  if I let it.

Whatever type of work you do, whether it’s for your job, your business, your home, your family, or your creative life, fear can have the power to stop you in your tracks.  It might stop you from starting a creative project, or exploring a new opportunity.  It might hold you back from promoting yourself and your business.  It might keep you stuck and unable to move forward.

Whichever way fear gets in your way, it’s important to take steps to manage your fear, before it has the chance to stop you.

Here are 4 Steps to Stop Fear in Its Tracks, before it stops you.

Step 1 Recognize when you’re in fear, or hiding from fear.  Recognize what fear does to your body and mind. Recognize how it tries to influence your actions.  Once you’ve recognized your fear, get as clear as you can about the target of your fear, in other words, what are you really afraid of?

(BTW– Fear loves to hide, read more about  its 3 favorite hiding places. )

Step 2 Embrace your fear.  The majority of fear comes from past experiences.  One of my clients is a talented singer, but was fearful of singing in public.  This was a result of a childhood experience when someone made fun of her. By embracing the younger, very disappointed place within her, she was able to release her fear.  She now performs regularly on a variety of stages.

So next time you’re feeling fearful about doing something bigger and bolder, embrace yourself with compassion.  Allow yourself to sense the younger part of yourself that may have felt afraid or hurt in a similar situation.  You may notice that a mix of emotions come up.

Step 3  Release the Fear.  EFT Tapping is a quick, effective way to release fear.  Anything that helps to lower cortisol, such as deep breathing, yoga, and meditation will also help. Below, at the bottom of this post, you’ll find a brief tapping EFT audio to help you release fear.

Step 4  Activate Your Courage.  The final step in the 4-step process is to activate your courage.  Once  you’ve used a technique such as EFT to release your fear, you’ll feel more relaxed.  This is the best time to take action.  Taking action will help you develop your courage.

Right now, decide on 2-3 small action steps you will take in the next week to help you move forward.  Get your momentum going, and your courage will grow.

Below is the Tapping for Fear audio. This audio includes a brief EFT tapping round to help you release fear around a creative or business-related project.   If you’re new to EFT Tapping,  click here for illustrated instructions.



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In the process of recording interviews for my upcoming podcast series, Courageous Heartbeats, I’ve been asking many of my colleagues about the courage they summon in order to follow their hearts to do what they love.

Frequently I hear the response: “Well, I really wasn’t that courageous….”

However, truly, each step any one of us takes in pursuit of our heart-felt dreams is indeed an act of courage!

Courage shows up in so many different ways and sizes.  There are the enormous leaps, such as leaving a job to start a business, or leaving an unhealthy marriage, and the smaller, ongoing, everyday acts of showing up to do the work.

I’m interested in every act of courage.  Why?  Because fear hides everywhere.  And when courage has the guts to overcome fear, that deserves to be noticed.  Noticing our acts of courage can help us feel more courageous, and step out of the fear that holds us back.

For some of us it can take an enormous amount of courage just to send an email to a prospective client.

For others it takes courage to show up each morning to create something fueled only by the glimmer of an idea.

It takes courage to introduce yourself to someone you don’t know. Courage to speak your mind.  Courage to express your creative gifts. Courage to change your routine.  Courage to stop smoking, drinking, or eating junk.  Courage to break through the habit of procrastination, or over-busyness, or holding back your gifts.

Focus on your courage, and it will grow. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Keep a courage journal – Write down each day the ways in which you’ve used courage.
  2. Grow Your Courage – Decide on an area in which you’d like to be more courageous. Create a list of small steps you can take help yourself feel more confident.  Take action.
  3. Imagine Yourself Courageous – Choose a future scenario where you’d likely be scared. See yourself there, and imagine feeling calm, centered, and courageous. The more details, the better.  This exercise will help you feel much more comfortable as you approach your goal.
  4. Tap in Your Courage –– Use EFT Tapping to tap in phrases such as:  I Love Feeling Courageous, I Love Breaking Through Fear, Courage Feels So Good, I Love Making Progress, etc.  For an illustrated tapping guide, click here.

In Courage,


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Time To Bloom!

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It takes courage to bloom. Courage to expand and grow into new expressions of ourselves.  These suggestions, based on a flower’s natural rhythm and needs, will help you find the strength and courage to bloom

  1. Warm up. Spring flowers will not grow unless it’s warm enough outside.  A cold snap will kill them. Don’t expect to go from cold to full bloom.  Warming up is what enables us to endure, and enjoy, the road ahead.  Warm up to your dreams. Ease into new experiences. Strengthen your skills by stretching your creative muscles.  Add warmth to your environment with supportive people, and encouraging thoughts.
  1. Soften your soil. Just as hard rocky soil impedes plant growth, being hard on yourself will impede your desired growth. Soften your approach to yourself.  Understand that growth of any kind needs acceptance of where you are right now.  It’s from this softened place of acceptance that you’ll be able to take the steps that will lead you to your dreams.
  1. Clear out the weeds and pests. A garden clogged with weeds, and ravaged by pests, will never grow to its full splendor. Pesky negative mind chatter will clog your mind, making it impossible to think clearly about your next steps. Doubts and worries will squash your ability to create your desired experiences.  Releasing mind chatter will help you clear the way to your heart’s desires.  EFT tapping is a perfect way to clear the out negative mind chatter.  Contact me to learn more.

For a guided Heart Breath audio, to help you drop out of your head, and into your heart, click here.

  1. Nourish your Environment. Nutrient-rich soil, fertilizer, water, and sun all help nourish a healthy garden.  Julia Cameron, Author of the Artists Way, recommends regular artist dates with yourself in order to nourish your creative juices.  Julia tells students to “fill the well” with activities that inspire and empassion.  Nourish your home and work environments as well, with elements that speak to your own unique expression.
  1. Allow ample space. Just as flowers and trees need space between them – your dreams and desires need space as well.  Give yourself that space.  Allow quiet, undistracted pockets of time to meditate, envision, create, and nurture your dreams.

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