Tame Your Critic Mini Program

You’re smart, you’re talented.
You’ve got what it takes to create the life of your dreams.
But you might not believe it —
especially if you’re listening to your inner critic.

What does your critical voice tell you? 
  • That you’re not good enough?

  • Not smart enough?

  • That you can’t handle it?

  • That you’ll mess things up?

  • That nobody will  like you?

  • That you’ll never do it?

  • That ‘they’ can do it, but you can’t?

Your negative inner critic probably yells the loudest when you’re ready to step out in a new way.  And if you’re listening to (and believing)  it — you’re holding yourself back.


  • Freedom from the negative mind chatter that continually puts you down.

  • A deeper sense of self-acceptance.

  • Increased sense of self worth, so you can ask for more.

  • More ease (and joy) in accomplishing your creative projects.

  • A new sense of excitement to share your gifts and talents!

It’s possible. I’ll show you how, using my 3-Step Tame Your Inner Critic Method. This unique process harnesses the power of EFT Tapping to tame and transform your inner critic.

Here’s what’s included in the Tame Your Inner Critic Mini Program:

1 90-Minute Session — We’ll use the 3-Step Tame Your Inner Critic Process to clear and release old patterns of negative self talk.

1 30-Minute Follow Up Session — 1 – 2 weeks after your first session, we’ll use this session to clear away residual negative self talk.

Personalized Audio MP3 — I will provide you with a customized EFT Tapping audio to boost your positive inner voice.


This process is an integral part of the Unleash Your Creative Genius Program. We will target one specific aspect of your inner critic. For example, one thing the critic tells you over an over again. This mini-program will help you transform your relationship with your inner critic, and create a new place of encouraging self-support.  By skype, phone, or in my office.  Contact me to learn more.